Geraldton Grammar School has an excellent reputation in providing educational programs that are exciting, engaging and produce outcomes that improve learning.

Innovation at Grammar has been categorised into the following areas:

Teacher practices

Teachers in our primary school follow the Kathy Walker Learning program, which can be viewed on the Early Learning page. This accredited program focuses on student engagement and challenges the traditional looking classroom to make learning come alive for each student.

Our secondary school teachers are focused on the promotion of authentic learning programs for the students. These innovations have resulted in increases in both academic outcomes and in student motivation.

Student wellbeing

Small class groups, caring staff and a safe and picturesque learning environment are supported by an award winning pastoral care program. The Inspire and Personal Development Program is designed to support student growth but also to continue to build upon our amazing environment.


Geraldton Grammar School is a Google Apps for Education School. This cloud-based resource allows students and teachers to work in virtual environments with students in the same class or around the world. This environment is being used each day with our students from years 3 to 12 and with our sister school in India. A number of trials are also occurring with flipped learning at present, where the home becomes the lesson time and class becomes the tutorial time.

Experiential learning

Experiential learning is one of our foundational philosophies at Geraldton Grammar School. The idea that hands-on learning and being involved in the experience is vital to the educational growth. The addition of “maker spaces” across the campus have allowed students to use the Design Thinking process. Our students are engaging in the much-touted STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) initiatives with hands-on learning on a regular basis and they are loving it.

Students are working with a variety of robotics and coding products as well as 3D printers.


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