2016 Outward Bound Green Group

Camp Site = Delta Road Tuesday Day 1

We are camped near a mossy granite slab and have been doing lots of team building exercises where we had to work as a team and communicate. We have learned that what we communicate can be interpreted differently by different people. We had our test swim in the river in preparation for rafting on Wednesday. It was freezing but refreshing once we got out. We have been making up poems about the nature we discovered around us. Our group is feeling enthusiastic and happy though some are tired.

Camp Site = Dead Cow Wednesday Day 2


We rafted down the river for 6 hours and 22 minutes before arriving at our second camp site. Along the way we stopped and went for a hike to Circus Beach. Rafting helped us to cooperate as we all had to paddle together. It also gave some exercise for the first time on OB. Favourite part of the day was burying Callum in the sand at Circus Beach. There was lots of smoke in the air today from a controlled burn.


Camp Site = Fence Thursday Day 3

Rafting again today. We ended up at ‘the block’. We were challenged by the activity at ‘the beam’, a big suspended log thingy. It was hard because we had to talk to the opposite sex and really work together to get things done and if we didn’t work together it would not work. High and lows today included losing the billy, the boys carrying three people and Tane thinking the trees looked like muffins and he really wanted a muffin.


Camp Site = Fence Friday Day 4


Today there was a bit of rain and wind about. We headed to the giant ladder where most of us reached the top. It was pretty challenging and sometimes we needed a boost from our partner or advice from someone who had already done it. Some of us did it twice and it was much easier and faster the second time. What colour are you going to paint it? We also did low ropes. Poor Teagan face planted – where were you spotters? It took us 3 hours to solve our riddle (thanks Zoe A) but when we did our reward was a massive roast dinner (bush cook). Verrrrrry noise!


Camp Site = Long Point Saturday Day 5

We hiked 7.5 kilometres through the bush and on tracks today seeing lots of wildflowers along the way and getting very wet feet. For our service part of the program we did a lot of maintenance of the track at Long Point. The highlight was seeing the waves crash against the rocks at Long Point. We have learned to push through the hard times and really look after the land. We are all having a good time and looking forward to what the future holds. Special mention to Jacques for stepping up and helping to lead the group in decision making and Zoe de and Zali for top navigation as the first navigators for Green Group. Quote of the day (during appreciations): “I’d just like to thank the bombie for putting up with all our s**t” Luke.

Camp Site = Little Long Point Sunday Day 6

Today it was a little rainy. We had solo time at Long Point and then walked to our next camp site. Solo time was relaxing and it good to have time by yourself. It helped to get to know yourself and realise all the good things we have. We were a bit stressed before solo and afterwards we were all relaxed and happy. The funny part of the day was when Tane tried to set up a bivvy in the wind by himself on solo. Not easy.


Camp Site = Expedition Monday Day 7

We went bush bashing to our expedition camp site. We had good navigational skills and didn’t get lost once. Callum got hit by an ‘angry’ branch. We have climbed so many hills today we are exhausted.

Camp Site = Wool Bales Tuesday Day 8

We climbed the three ‘wool bales’ in a tick. This expedition has showed us that anything is possible and the group is now definitely better at teamwork. The ‘kodak moment’ was when Xander cut is finger on a plant. We’re feeling great! Special mentions from the instructors go to Roger – the explorer who created a water bottle stick and discovered a pineapple looking plant and Zali for always being cheerful.



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