2016 Outward Bound Orange Group

Camp Site = Fence Tuesday Day 1

Today we developed our trust and team work within the group on the low ropes course, which some of us found quite challenging. We all did the splits at one point or another.


Camp Site = Breast Hill Wednesday Day 2

We have been hiking through a beautiful landscape today. Our packs are challenging us due to their weight. We are facing many hardships, including getting lost but we were able to overcome them together as a group. We saw kangaroos, cockatoos and the farkarwee bird.

Camp Site = 5 Ways Thursday Day 3

Today we saw some amazing views on our hike including an up close view of a snake! We are tired but good as there was no bush bashing today. We are looking forward to our ‘solos’ and all missing home.


Camp Site = Expedition Friday Day 4

A cracking pace was set today across a ridgeline to summit at Cliffy Head and then camped overnight at an expedition site. We had the Southern Ocean on our left and the Broke Inlet on our right. It was pretty rainy and windy today and the conditions tested our perseverance and resolve. It seems we have been taking the good weather for granted. There was a funny part to the day when Zoe asked if anyone had some “duck tape”.

Camp Site = Fisherman’s Hut Saturday Day 5

No blog received for Day 5 but this was the day with some pretty heavy showers and gusty winds. The weather conditions deteriorated on Friday night and continued into Saturday. The group hiked to the Fisherman’s Hut camp site today on the shores of the Broke Inlet.

Camp Site = Fisherman’s Hut Sunday Day 6

No blog received for Day 6. Today the team met the boat early in the morning bringing across supplies for their 24 hour solo time and rafting activities. They were briefed on the expectations of ‘solo’ and then taken to the sites on the shores of the Broke Inlet. Many of the sites had an array of colourful wildflowers to keep the students company.

Camp Site = Expedition Monday Day 7

We came off ‘solo’ today and handed in our letters we had written to ourselves to read again next year. We did our swim test in the freezing cold water and then rafted to our new camp site. Today went so fast with the new activity and everyone is in high spirits about rafting and being closer to being home. We watched a beautiful sunset tonight and gave our gift to the group we had made on ‘solo’. “Hi Mum, I accidentally packed two left shoes. Whoopsy”. Clark.”

Camp Site = Fence Tuesday Day 8

We did some more rafting and navigating today on the Broke Inlet with Jemma nearly falling out of the raft. Our leader, Reid navigated us back to our ‘Block’ campsite in the cars and bus. The car ride was very relaxing. We get a fire tonight in our fire pit!


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