2016 Outward Bound Blue Group

Camp Site = Pines Tuesday Day 1


Today we have been doing lots of initiatives (games/challenges) like The Maze, Swish, Swoosh and Human Scanner. We got an awesome time for Human Scanner – 8 seconds for 13 people! We learned a lot about each other and our own strengths and weaknesses. Communication was the key. While we are all still adjusting to the OB experience we feel like we have achieved something today. At night we had a Tawny Frogmouth come and visit our camp for ages, sitting on a branch 5m away from us. Amazing!


Camp Site = Delta Road Wednesday Day 2


Today we rafted for hours on the Deep River. It was pretty chill with lots of banter. Some people felt a bit frustrated learning to work in a team. We saw lots of the surrounding country side and learned lots about our strengths and weaknesses. Our ‘Kodak moment’ today was seeing a red sun behind a smoke cloud (there was a controlled burn by DPaW a few kilometres away).


Camp Site = Delta Road (again) Thursday Day 3

Today we went rafting all day (Windy Inlet, Circus Beach and Snake Island). It was pretty windy and difficult to paddle back but we made it. Got to meet a new instructor (Stu) and had heaps of arm and ab exercise from paddling. Those who walked in the water also got some leg exercise. Rafting really helped with our communication and motivation levels. High of today was going to the beach and doing raft games with Stu (basically making people fall out of boats – we love Stu! Everyone’s eating lots of food which is good, too. The low is definitely the mosquitoes.


Camp Site = Pepps Friday Day 4

Today we hiked from Delta Road camp to Pepps which is on the main block here at Outward Bound which means we can have a fire! The group was challenged by the beam where we had to problem solve how to get all of the members of the group over the high log.

Camp Site = Pepps Saturday Day 5

The team encouraged and motivated each other to never give up today as they tackled the giant ladder and the low ropes course. Blue group had their bush cook tonight. The highlight of today was definitely reaching the top of giant ladder 9m above the ground! We feel very accomplished today and it was great being able to change into clean clothes. Now we are looking forward to our solos.


Camp Site = Long Point Sunday Day 6

Sunday saw us bush bashing through the scrub between Long Point and Little Long Point before the relief of finally emerging on the Bibbulmun Track. We saw lots of orchids and flowers. As a group we are becoming more directive with each other and relying on the instructors less and less for decision making. We are looking forward to solo time and reaching camp.


Camp Site = Little Long Point Monday Day 7

Today we walked to the headland. We did our ‘solo’ for a few hours of alone time and we did some beach cleaning. An easy day physically it was wonderful to be able to relax and reflect on our time on Outward Bound. The amount of rubbish we found while doing the clean up, 521 pieces of plastic in 5 minutes, opened our eyes up to global pollution. We are excited and prepared to go home now but looking forward to our last 2 days on course.




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