2016 Outward Bound White Group

Camp Site = Royce Tuesday Day 1

Today we hiked and practised navigating. It was challenging when we had to hike back and forth to find a safe route. It helped us to co-operate with one another and motivate each other to get to the check point. There was one funny part when half the group had crossed a muddy stream thinking it was the only way across when Will found a path that was dry!


Camp Site = Pepps Wednesday Day 2

Today we completed low ropes and high ropes. Low ropes were completed carrying a cup of water. Some of us didn’t spill a drop! On the high ropes course we had to climb high into the trees, cross a tightrope using hanging ropes, jump across onto platforms and finally zip along on a flying fox. Some of us completed these tasks with our eyes closed or balanced long enough on the tight rope to clap our hands. We were all challenged mentally by the activity but we were able to succeed together with support. The activities helped us to be supportive of each other when facing fears and allowed us to get out of our comfort zones. We also learned a lot about each other. High of the day was the rivalry between Kevin and Rayden for how many claps they could do on the tight rope and lows of the day were dropping the pasta on the ground and perhaps the friendly mosquitoes and March flies. Our leaders today were Jess and Josh.


Camp Site = Breast Hill Thursday Day 3

Our leaders today were Eboni and Ben. It was a very successful day as the navigators helped us get to camp very early which meant we had plenty of time to plan and practise our ‘teach a skill’. The success of today’s hike has given us motivation for tomorrow’s big hike and the expedition. Today’s highs were being reunited with one of our group members, the rap battle and Elie learning some more English words. The group is feeling good thanks to the power of hot chocolate!


Camp Site = 5 Ways Friday Day 4

Had a massive day with a bit of rain and wind about today. ‘The Box’ caused a bit of friction where different leadership styles clashed (‘warrior’ and ‘teacher’ styles) as it was a frustrating task. We made final preparations for our expedition and through doing our ‘service’ we learned that we can still give back to a community even when we don’t feel 100% ourselves. We’re pretty tired but our group is amazing in that even in the rain everyone was still pulling their weight.


Camp Site = Expedition Saturday Day 5

No blog today as the students headed off on their major expedition. Friday night and Saturday there were quite a few showers and gusty winds and even some hail. White group’s expedition took them across a ridgeline that includes Cliffy Head, with the Southern Ocean on their left and the Broke Inlet on their right.

Camp Site = Expedition Sunday Day 6

We had a bit of rain in the morning to finish our expedition. We faced lots of challenges today e.g. blister bush and walking through knee deep water but we succeeded in the end. Today was another unique experience to add to our list of accomplishments. We have had a boost in our confidence because we now know that we are more capable than we initially anticipated and are ready for the next challenge. The high of the day was opening our ‘high/low’ package which contained lots of yummy things to eat, party hats, bubbles, a beach ball and glow sticks. Our leaders today were Maddy and Alex. Sam is amazing as she has soldiered right through with a sore ankle sustained on the first day! We are ready for our ‘solos’, BOSS!




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