2016 Outward Bound Yellow Group

Camp Site = Woolbales Tuesday Day 1

We had a lovely relaxing day playing ‘get to know you’ team building games like chain limbo and marble run. The whole group was challenged in communication but we overcame it by working together. The games were a fun way to challenge ourselves and find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Where we are camped there are plenty of frogs and birds….and mosquitoes.


Camp Site = Expedition Wednesday Day 2

Today we did some climbing, sliding, falling and WALKING. Though very challenged with limits being tested the group succeeded through communication and teamwork. The highlight of the day was the view at the top of the first mountain overlooking the inlet. Group members are tired and sore but happy to find a camp.


Camp Site = 5 ways Thursday Day 3

We did a fun jump rope challenge today which took a while for us to succeed but we did it! The ‘Kodak moment’ of the day was when Emmett rolled around in the sand because we finally made it to a track to walk on. The group is tired but happy to have a good camp site which lifts our spirits. Special shout out to Michael and Emmett (the bush bashers) and Jess and Ciedele (the navigators).


Camp Site = Little Long Point Friday Day 4

The Northern Bull Frogs hiked 8.5 kilometres today and cleared rubbish off the beach for their service project. The view from the beach was amazing and even though we were tired after our long hike it felt good to have the opportunity to give back to the environment. We weren’t our usual cohesive team today but we had a good debrief about it all and will be back on track tomorrow. Emmett and Tyler were great on the hike. Emmett helped everyone at the back and Tyler has been a consistent leader.

Camp Site = Breast Hill Saturday Day 5

Today we only hiked 3 kilometres to where we had a 2 hour solo off by ourselves in the bush. It was great to have time to reflect on everything we have achieved so far. We saw lots of wildflowers, emus and kangaroos today. We then had a game of camouflage, a shark debate and a goals and presents session. We gained a lot of insight into everyone’s goals (Info for blog by Scott and River who wrote: “Hi Mum, Riv here. Love U”).


Camp Site = Fence Sunday Day 6

Our hike today took us from scrubby dunes into the Red Tingle and Karri forest of “The Block” where we saw Western Rosellas. The challenge of the Magic Lava Hat was solved by everyone on the first try. Go Northern Bullfrogs! Low ropes in the afternoon was fun with everyone completing the course successfully. It was funny watching people wobble on the low ropes. We are feeling pumped as we are having a fire tonight. Yay!


Camp Site = Fence Monday Day

The Northern Bullfrogs tackled the giant ladder and ‘the beam’ today. The giant ladder made us work together  in small groups. The beam is a suspended horizontal log about 2m above the ground that you need to get over quickly. We all worked together to get our time down each time. The highlight of the day was Tyler’s solo giant ladder climb. Even though some crows came and attacked our food while we were away we are all feeling upbeat, happy and excited. Shout out to Michael who showed great leadership on the beam and Jess and Emmett getting to the top of the giant ladder and overcoming a fear of heights.

Camp Site = Coal Mine Beach Tuesday Day 8

We went rafting all day today into the Walpole/Nornalup Inlet and most groups were pretty good, giving it all they had. It was a fun way to end our Outward Bound Course. The funniest moment was when Emmett and Michael fell into the water while they were wrestling with each other. It was amazing to witness an eagle catch a
fish. We also saw heaps of pelicans.




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