2018 Outward Bound Year 9 Green Group - Farnell

Day 1 - Students arrived in the Walpole area late in the afternoon after a long and tiring journey by coach. Each Outward Bound group disembarked at a different location and met their Outward Bound Instructors and carried their gear off to their initial camp site for an orientation.

Day 2 - Course set up and small hike

Day 3 - Started a 2 day expedition

Started a two day expedition.

“We walked, rock climbed, completed navigation lessons, sang, and learned to dig good holes.”

“We love the enthusiasm of our instructor, Pat. And his accents!”

“A funny moment was when Daisy went whoopsie and smashed her elbow on a big rock!”

“We feel tired but Charlie feels great!”

“Our group is working well as a team.”

“We have seen lots of wildflowers.”

 “Everyone is in good spirits, Mitch is helping out a lot and Charlie is our group motivator.”

Day 4 - Second day of a tough 2 day expedition. Up and down ancient sand dunes, some thick scrub but beautiful wildflowers.

Day 5 - Completed solo at the beach.

“Yesterday we did a lot of successful hiking.”

“We loved finally seeing the ocean and our now pumped and refreshed.”

“Mitchell is a bulldozer and Tallis and Mary are funny with their uncoordination.”

“We have loved falling down hills.”

“We have sung ‘Bob the Builder’ to death!”

“We have a good camaraderie.”

“Charlie continues to keep us entertained.”

“Lachie has been really helpful.”

“Tahnee is a quiet achiever.”

“Mary is getting more and more involved.”

“Tallis is becoming known for his dance moves.”

“Mary has been head chef.”

“Alicia is our clown and keeps us laughing.”

“Solo time helped us think about our lives.”

“We are missing the beach but we will NEVER miss the mozzies!”

Day 6 - Continued and completed their hiking expedition.

Day 7 - Completed giant ladder and beams and low ropes course challenges. Finished the day with a bushcook.

Day 8 - First day of a rafting expedition; down Deep River.



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