2018 Outward Bound Year 9 Yellow Group - Walkley

Day 1 - Students arrived in the Walpole area late in the afternoon after a long and tiring journey by coach. Each Outward Bound group disembarked at a different location and met their Outward Bound Instructors and carried their gear off to their initial camp site for an orientation.

Day 2 - Course set up and small hike

Day 3 - Rafted across Nornalup Inlet and then hiked to the coast to complete a beach cleanup service activity before rafting back.

Day 4 - Rafted up the scenic Deep River.

Day 5 - Giant ladder, beam and low ropes course.

“Our group is bonding and interacting better.”

“We are looking forward to our hiking expedition.”

“We learnt a lot about team work by completing the beam challenge.”

Day 6 - Completed an expedition hike out to Long Point.

Day 7 - Completed Solo out at Long Point.

Day 8 - First day of a three day hiking expedition.


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