2018 Outward Bound Year 11 Red White Group - Middleton

Day 1 - Students arrived in the Walpole area late in the afternoon after a long and tiring journey by coach. Each Outward Bound group disembarked at a different location and met their Outward Bound Instructors and carried their gear off to their initial camp site for an orientation.

Day 2 - Course set up and begin hiking expedition

Day 3 - Began a 4 day expedition

Expeditioned over Woolbales; a big challenge but with great success.

“High spirits all round.”

“We’ve been learning time management, off track navigation, compassion and resilience.”

“Two highlights were the view from the top of the first hill and finally reaching the track at 5:30pm.”

“We feel accomplished but tired.”

Instructor: “Very compassionate group.”

“Tristan and River; tireless bush bashing.”

“Arizona; Excellent cooking every meal.”

 “Leroy and Daniel; Two of the most compassionate and caring gentlemen I have ever met.”

Day 4 - Second day of a five day expedition. Tough going.

Day 5 - Continued hiking expedition.

“We’ve had great success completing our scenarios.”

“A highlight was when the instructor got River to act out as a lost person with a snake bite and we had to find and treat him.”

“We are positive and confident about our expedition hike as we take over leadership from our instructor.”

“Some of us are very challenged but the group is learning how to work as a team.”

“We have seen some interesting beetles and have been visited by a black kite flying over our camp site.”

“Greta did a great job in taking the lead in our missing person scenario, Tristan did well as the first responder with the snake bite.”

Day 6 - Completed five days of expedition hiking.

Day 7 - Completed a 14 hour Solo.

Day 8 - A rafting expedition across Broke Inlet.



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