2019 Outward Bound Year 9 Yellow Group


Well it has been an adventure to date and some little and big challenges have been overcome. We have learnt some valuable lessons that you are only as fast as your slowest team member, that some of us express emotions in different ways, including art, music “I want it that way…” and even sport. Although the thought of staging Outward Bound the musical is a challenge even to the most musical.

The group has learnt a lot; the importance of team work, having roles and doing them well in a team, working to create synergy coping with the wet weather and the good. Also, that the environment here is fragile, the beach clean up they were amazed at how much rubbish was strewn everywhere even in the remotest of places and the die back really is a biodiversity killer.

The group is looking forward to the expedition over the next couple of days and really overcoming the challenges. 


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