2019 Outward Bound Year 11 Green Group


The group has had a mixture of walking and rafting over the last few days, along with a high ropes activity that challenged us all at different levels. The group describes having used a whole range of collaborative skills from negotiating roles and then working well to fulfil those roles. It has been great to see some of the group members take on some feedback and then pitch in.

A real highlight has the bivvy sail from the mouth of the broke inlet to fishermans hut, a great example of creative thinking at its best. They even managed to clean up the inlet as they went fishing out some horrible old fishing nets.

There have been some big challenges overcome and it was great to see all participants stretch themselves on the high ropes. They have even learnt to get creative with the culinary delights. A great sweet soy bacon curry doesn’t sound great but was delicious. A couple of big days ahead before solo.


It has been a big few days for this group. The hike over cliffy head was challenging and rewarding. The views amazing and the spirits remained high regardless of the sweat. The camp spot was top notch and the view of the Broke Inlet magic. The poets have been in full swing and everyone is looking forward to the Solo and some time out before the final effort.

Teamwork is improving as is our communication


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