Fees & Payment Options

Geraldton Grammar School is an independent co-educational day school from 3 year old Kindergarten to year 12. The school relies heavily on the tuition fee income from parents, building fund and technology fund contributions. Without this income, the school could not provide the quality educational experience that sets Geraldton Grammar School apart from other institutions.

Applications & Enrolment

Registration fee

A non-refundable fee of $70 (including GST) to cover administration costs is required with the completed application form.

Endowment Fee

Parents accept the offer of a place by returning to the school the documentation requested in the letter of offer. A non-refundable endowment fee of $700 for the first child plus $100 is payable for each additional child enrolled from the same family, up to a maximum of $900, is required to be paid at this time. This endowment payment
commences from 3-year-old Kindergarten. These funds are set aside into an endowment fund for the long term capital development of the school.

School Fees

Annual fees and charges are set by the Board of Governors. Fees are normally set for the start of each calendar year, however, the Board reserves the right to change fees at any time.

Geraldton Grammar School’s fee structure is INCLUSIVE. This means that activities such as camps (years 4-11), languages, local curriculum and sporting excursions are included in the fee structure.

2022 Fees & Business Conditions

Building and Technology levy

An annual $700 compulsory building levy per family, and a $250 technology levy per student is payable for families with students enroled in pre-primary to year 12. These funds assist with annual debt servicing commitments, and technology investments respectively.

Family Concessions

Concessions are allowed for the children of a family attending the school concurrently. They apply to tuition fees only.

Second Child - 13.5% of tuition fees deducted

Third and subsequent children - 40% of tuition fees deducted

Parents who opt to pay the whole year’s tuition fees before 26 February 2021 will receive a discount of 2.5%.

Payments received after this date will not be eligible for the 2.5% discount.

Enrolments after Commencement of Term

When a student commences at the school after the term has commenced, enrolment will be accepted with payment of the registration fee and endowment contribution, with the term fee being charged at a pro-rata rate. Pro-rata fees are calculated as a proportion of the annual fee.

Annual Camps

Annual camps will normally be organised for students from Year 4 upwards. The cost of compulsory curriculum camps is included in the annual tuition fee. There is no refund if a student cannot attend a camp or the camp is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance. Subject-specific and special interest camps are optional and are
charged separately.

Notice of Withdrawal

One (1) term’s notice in writing or one (1) term’s fees is required in lieu of notice given before the withdrawal of a student as per the Enrolment Application agreement.