Year 4 Geraldton Camp 2021

Day 1

Today students arrived at the Geraldton Camp School and started the day with TEAM activities. In the afternoon students began their Historical Inquiry - The George Grey Story with a scavenger hunt and appreciation bags.

Day 2

Today students visited Lynton Station, building their knowledge of Geraldton local history. Back at the camp school, students continued the fun with archery, orienteering and team-building games.

Day 3

The first stop was the Pioneer Museum where we learnt all about the Maley family who were prominent first settlers. We then travelled on to the Hundred Year Cemetery which we found extremely interesting. Our last stop was the Central Greenough Historical Village. On return to the Camp School, we enjoyed a scrumptious afternoon tea followed by team games.

Day 4

Sandboarding was the highlight of our last day at the camp school. We spent the morning on sandboards at South Gates. The highlight was Mr Matthews and Mrs Mundy, tandem style! Next off to the museum for a quick tour, thank you Mrs Flint for joining us. The last item on the schedule was a quick play at the playground with a surprise visit from Big Softy.