Year 6 Perth Camp 2021

Day 1

Year 6 campers arrived safely in Perth. The first stop was Herdsman Lake to investigate the macroinvertebrates living in the water. Cicerrelos for dinner was delicious, followed by a round of 3D mini golf.

Day 2

Today students started the day with a tour and live gold pour at the Perth Mint. The Electoral Education Centre provided students with the opportunity to learn about Australia's preferential system of voting. The new museum, Boola Bardip was an amazing venue to finish the day.

Day 3

Today students visited West Coast Eagles Facilities and looked closely at qualities required to be a great leader. HBF stadium was next, the diving boards were a highlight. Tonight is movie night at the camp school.

Day 4

Year 6 students visited Kings Park and participated in Bizarre Botanicals and Walking Together educational activities. At night, students visited the Perth Observatory, looking through powerful telescopes students were amazed to see Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky.

Parent Letter & Packing List Year 6 Camp Itinerary