Year 6 Rite of Passage

One journey is about to conclude and another is about to begin for your Year 6 child. For some, it has been a long journey and for others a much shorter journey in our primary school. We have shared many positive and funny moments, witnessed growth and development and celebrated when personal goals are achieved. We have shared the good and not so good times and we are privileged to have been a part of your child’s learning journey.

Monday 29 November is a chance to honour your son or daughter. It is a chance to put pen to paper and name the attributes of your son or daughter that you recognise and cherish. It is a chance to put into words the hopes and dreams you hold for your child. It is the marking of a transition from primary to secondary and from childhood into adolescence.

You may be panicking by now as you have no idea what to say or do. We have provided character traits and virtues lists that will trigger your thoughts. This is a letter/card to your child. It is personal and will have special meaning for your family.

In the evening we will have a shared meal together. Parents supply something to share and the teachers supply the lolly table (a favourite with the students). After we have eaten, you will find a space either inside the hall or outside and read your letter/card to your child.

We gather again and watch the Year 6 photo storyboard and a gift is presented to each student. This includes a card signed by teachers for your child. Now it is time for everyone to venture to the lolly table.

To conclude the evening we will have a giant photo and then it is time to take your leave.

Photos will be taken as a memento of the event throughout the evening.

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