DHS Country Week

Day 1

Hockey #1 – achieved their team goal, which was playing with great basic skills. This led to an awesome team win.

  • GGS 1 defeated Lake Grace 5-0.
  • Goalscorers: 2 Harrison, 1 Jenna, 1 Lailah, 1 Nicole

Hockey #2 – a hard-fought game in hot conditions with no subs. Ruby scored in the first 10 seconds of the game and Banjo made an excellent save in goals.

  • GGS 2 defeated Wongan Hills 1-0.
  • Best player – Tanna Parker

Netball #1 –very close competitive matches during the grading games.

  • GGS 1 defeated Jurien Bay 14-7.
  • GGS 1 defeated Narembeen 11-7

Netball #2 – a high scoring game to begin the week, narrowly missing a win against Jurien Bay.

  • GGS 2 was defeated by Jurien Bay 16-15.
  • GGS 2 defeated by Narembeen 7-10.
  • Best players – Zoe Dawson and Ella Batten

Netball #3 – a fantastic start to the week, a great team effort.

  • GGS 3 defeated Kulin
  • GGS 3 defeated Morawa

Netball #4 – improved immensely throughout the day

  • GGS 4 defeated by York 12-2.
  • The score increased by 200% in game 2.
  • GGS 4 defeated by Dongara 13-8.
  • The final game was played with excellent sportsmanship from both teams, resulting in a draw vs Exmouth 10-10.
  • Best players – Shanaya Gronow for taking on the game plan, Lara Mincherton from working hard through the centre court and Robyn Sluka and Alexia Elliot for a strong defence.

Volleyball – began the day with a coaching clinic and used the skills they learned to play their best during the grading games. The team was supported by the whole GGS team squad for their final day.

  • GGS defeated by Bridgetown and Exmouth.
  • Boys Basketball – the fitness and defensive pressure lead the team to some early victories.
  • GGS defeated Southern Cross
  • GGS defeated Boyup Brook
  • GGS defeated by Bethel Christian College
  • Best players – Ryan Jermyn and Ben Walsh

Day 2

Hockey #1 – some strong competition from Morawa

  • GGS 1 defeated Morawa 3-0
  • GGS 1 defeated Boyup Brook 5-0 (mercy rule applied, final score 10-0)
  • Best players – Sandy Hann and Joe George-Kennedy
  • Goal Scorers: Maggie 2, Christi 1, Harrison 4, Joe 1, Nicole 1, Jenna 3, Sandy 1

Hockey #2 – Taylor and Ruby played their first-ever game as goalkeepers. Both girls made some excellent saves. Beautiful run of play from Ben to Tom, who was able to convert and score a goal to win a very close game.

  • GGS 2 defeated Boyup Brook 3-2

Netball #1 – the girls played with excellent composure and maintained a high level of skill throughout all 4 quarters vs Narembeen. Their effort was second to none.

  • GGS 1 defeated GGS 2
  • GGS 1 defeated Narembeen

Netball #2 – the girls played their very best in defence, some playing out of position and learning new skills for the team.

  • GGS 2 defeated by GGS 1
  • GGS 2 defeated by Jurien Bay
  • Best players – Stella Taylor and Sophia Kalajzich

Netball #3 – the girls continued their winning streak for the first 2 games of the day, but lost the 3rd in a very physical match.

  • GGS 3 defeated York
  • GGS 3 defeated Dalwallinu
  • GGS 3 defeated by Morawa

Netball #4 – first game saw outstanding defence by Alexia Elliott, matched only by Molly Kaech’s goal shooting prowess, shooting with 100% accuracy in the 4th quarter. The whole team put in 100% effort and are improving every game.

  • GGS 4 defeated by Boddington 11-9
  • GGS 4 defeated Morawa 21-12

Boys Basketball

  • GGS defeated by Dongara 16-14
  • GGS defeated by Southern Cross 41-22
  • GGS defeated Boyup Brook 32-16

Volleyball – all players are improving with every game, developing their individual strengths. The team was very excited to win their first set today, up against some tough competition in A grade.

  • GGS defeated by Kalbarri
  • Best players: Corey Brown and Gideon Kentish

Day 3

Hockey #1 – continuing to play excellent hockey today, the team worked towards improving the quality of their shots on goal. Nicole Chamberlain scored a hat-trick. In the second half, Lachie “not just the goalie” Norris took to the field and scored 2 goals.

  • GGS 1 defeated Wongan Hills 8-0

Hockey #2 – played an amazing first game vs lake grace. Down 1-0 at halftime, Rosey delivered an inspiring halftime talk and the team came out to score 2 goals in the first 5 mins of the second half.

  • GGS 2 defeated Lake Grace 3-2
  • GGS 2 defeated by Morawa 3-0
  • Best players: Ben McGowan and Tom Sorgiovanni

Boys Basketball – a heroic effort from the boys, saw a huge improvement in skill level and teamwork.

  • Best players – Ryan Jermyn and Rowan Jermyn
  • GGS defeated by Waroona
  • GGS defeated by Bethel Christian College

Volleyball – the super coach (and star bowler) Clayton Waters, led the team to win their first match against Pemberton and won sets against Bridgetown and Exmouth.

  • Play of the day: Niyah Nasir, using her head to return and score a great point.
  • Best on the court: James Tindall and Asher Milnes
  • Star Servers: Ethan Rankin and Lily Scrimgeour

Netball #1 – performed with excellent sportsmanship, running out the game with high intensity.

  • GGS 1 defeated GGS 2
  • GGS 1 defeated by Bridgetown 28-24

Netball #2 - Today’s performance was a perfect example of how players working together can achieve. Although GGS team 2 did not come away with the victories Captain Georgie Boys reminded the team of how well they have gelled as a team over this week and was reflected in the way they all were playing. In the second game against a tough Bridgetown, the team were 2 up at halftime.

Final results:

  • GGS 1 defeated GGS 2
  • Bridgetown defeated GGS 2 26 - 23
  • Each player did something extra today - Best players game one Abbie Hagan, Drew Murdoch, Georgie Boys - best players 2nd game - Team!!

Netball #3

  • GGS 3 defeated York
  • GGS 3 drew Boddington

Netball #4 - Day three saw the girls trying their hearts out however unfortunately no wins on the board. Game three was especially challenging due to losing shooter Elyssa Johnson in the first few minutes to injury, and we played the majority of the match with only six players.

Robyn Sluka and Alixia Elliot held up a strong defence in every game. Centre court stars Lara Mincherton, Teyah Gallarza and Shanaya Gronow lead strongly every game. Molly Keach and Elyssa Johnson continued to work well together in goals.

Looking forward to another chance tomorrow for our second in.

Day 4


  • GGS #1 defeated GGS #2 4-0

Netball #1

  • GGS defeated Jurien Bay to finish top of the ladder.
  • GGS defeated by Jurien Bay in the semi-final 1 vs 4. Will playoff for 3rd tomorrow in A Grade.

Netball #2

  • GGS defeated by Dalwallinu 23-8
  • GGS defeated by Jurien Bay in the knock out final. The girls finished 5th in A grade.

Netball #3

  • GGS defeated Exmouth
  • GGS won the playoff of 1 v 4, securing a place in the Grand Final tomorrow for B Grade.

Netball #4

  • GGS defeated Dalwallinu
  • GGS defeated by Dongara 20-11. The girls will play off for 3rd place in the C grade finals.


  • GGS defeated by Exmouth. The team finished 5th in A Grade.

Boys Basketball

  • GGS defeated Boyup Brook
  • GGS defeated by Bethel. They will play off for 3rd in A Grade tomorrow.

Day 5

Hockey - Champions

  • GGS#1 Vs Morawa 4-1

Boys basketball - 4th Overall

  • The basketball term rose to the occasion down here, consistently playing against teams that were older and larger than our seven athletes. Despite this, the students overperformed and turned every single game into a nail biter with epic highlights and tense moments.
  • The students fought through injuries and early starts to put up a fantastic performance in A grade.
  • Only the final day Geraldton Grammar lost to Waroona to finish 4th overall.

Volleyball - 5th in A Division

  • Massive improvement from players and great sportsmanship and leadership displayed.
  • Every player tried out new shots and we picked up more and more sets each day.