Due to the construction of the new gymnasium parking and dropping off/pick up of students at school will need to change for the duration of the build.

From Monday 23 November 2020, the Community will no longer be able to access the unpaved northern driveway into the school which is on the secondary end of the school. The kiss and drop area in the northern car park will not be available and parents will need to use the roundabout.

A map with parking zones is below for your understanding and clarity:

Please also note that 12 of the upper parking spots near the Primary school that align with the west side are for staff parking. There are still plenty of spots for drop off and pick up remaining and they are all on the school side of the upper car park.

At the end of the day, please do not enter the Roundabout until 3:30pm for pick up as the buses need the space.

To help with traffic flow for the duration of the build, we are all going to have to be patient and make some allowances.

Some options are:

  • Use the kiss and drop area without parking in the lower staff car park if your children are old enough to do so safely
  • Children old enough to walk and ride bikes can be a consideration
  • Drop off and pick up on George Road so the kids can do the short walk into the school
  • Drop off and pick up on Wittenoom street on the back of the school if children are old enough to do so safely
  • Use the main roundabout as a pick up and drop off point

Student Parking

Due to a reduction in student parking whilst the new Gymnasium is being constructed, a new student car park has recently been created. The student car park is located at the back of the School near the back gates adjacent to Gardening and Art Sheds. Signage has recently been installed "Student Parking Only, Permit Required". For added security, the new car park is also covered by the school’s CCTV systems.

Students and Parents are requested to complete the "Application to Drive a Motor Vehicle" form and have this form signed by their parent/guardian and then signed by the Principal/Principal’s Representative, prior to driving a vehicle to school. Students are asked to also familiarise themselves with the Student Motor Vehicles Policy.

Once the application form is signed and authorised, Admin will provide students with a Student Parking Permit, for students to display on their vehicle dashboard, to allow them to park in the new car park.

Students are also reminded that they must lodge their car keys to the school office each day, as per the Vehicle Policy.