Wellbeing Programs


The House system is an integral part of Pastoral Care at Geraldton Grammar School.

It adds a new dimension by vertically grouping students from all years into four Houses - Chapman, Irwin, Greenough and Murchison. With four Houses and approximately 150 students in each House, they belong to a bigger group within the school.

The objectives of the House system are:

  • To increase the beneficial influence of the school on students’ characters
  • to help students fulfil their potential in academic and co-curricular areas
  • To develop a sense of community and an ability to socialise freely across various ages and sexes.
  • To provide opportunities for healthy competition in sport and co-curricular areas.
  • To try to help each student to live a full life by involving the student in the life of the school.

The House system allows students to identify with something larger than themselves – their team, their group, their House, their school.

House activities include a range of sporting challenges from swimming to athletics and a variety of team sports as well as socials, inter-house quizzes and festivals.

Each House has a primary and secondary school House Director, a year 12 House Captain and school House Captains.




At Geraldton Grammar School, we believe that a good educational program develops all aspects of a student’s character. An important part of this process is the development of a student’s spiritual life. This process begins at kindergarten and continues throughout the student’s schooling. Religious education lessons and a weekly chapel service are conducted in the primary school. The secondary school also has fortnightly chapel services.

As a school in the Anglican tradition, our religious instruction teaches not only the basic tenets of the Christian faith as set out in the Bible, but explores those questions that we encounter in our search for meaning, such as the nature of truth and the self-worth of the individual. This program is supplemented by guest speakers for various formal occasions.

We aim to maintain strong links with the local Anglican Churches and endeavour to support other faith communities throughout the Geraldton community.

Our school is a place where students are nurtured in an atmosphere of Christian love and understanding, following the two great commands of Jesus: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind. And love your neighbour as yourself.”


Personal Development Program

The Personal Development Program (PDP) runs from years 7-10 and is instrumental in providing our students with thinking, organisational and study skills. It also covers aspects of the Protective Behaviours curriculum that is not taught in health classes, primarily aspects relating to mental health and developing coping strategies.

In addition to theory, students are also involved in practical service-based activities which allow them to give something back to the greater Geraldton community.

Year 7 program:

  • What it means to be a secondary school student
  • Choices and consequences
  • Responding rather than reacting Camp preparation
  • “The Missing Piece – attitude” video and discussion
  • Preparation for STEP (Seven Towards Eight Program) – four activities per year
  • COMPASS talk
  • Service-based activity: Foodbank Christmas Appeal


Year 8 program:

  • How to use class time effectively
  • Asking for help
  • Conflict resolution – win/win outcomes v’s win/lose outcomes
  • “Resourceful Adolescents Program” (RAP)
  • Personal strengths
  • Keeping calm
  • Problem solving
  • Keeping the peace
  • COMPASS talk
  • Service-based activity: Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea


Year 9 program:

  • Duke of Edinburgh talk
  • Study skills (online)
  • “A Hero’s Adventure” – video and discussion about being the master of your own destiny
  • Camp week preparation
  • “The way of the listener” – video and discussion about listening first and seeking to be understood second.
  • Service-based activity: students volunteer to take part in RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk (weekend event)


Year 10 program:

  • Study skills (online)
  • Subject selection
  • Students speak with Heads of Departments re future pathways
  • Camp preparation – careers camp to Perth
  • Preparation for year 11 demands and expectations
  • Service-based activity: opportunities for students to participate in Relay for Life and other projects



Our co-curricular program is designed to introduce students to a variety of challenges, encouraging them to move out of their comfort zone. When this happens, students become open to new experiences and are more willing to see things from a different perspective. A range of optional co-curricular activities are offered at Geraldton Grammar School. These include activities from the sporting, music and academic streams.


Student Council

The Student Representative Council’s role is to help the school community and to improve the environment as a whole.

The student body meets every two weeks and discusses issues such as service learning, special events, house information and community issues. They also plan, organise and manage free dress days, student forums and functions with the wider community.

The Council is made up of a total of 16 student representatives. These members are all democratically elected and consist of:

  • 2 School Captains
  • 1 Academic Captain
  • 1 Arts Captain
  • 1 Sports Captain
  • 1 Chapel/Service Captain
  • 4 House Captains
  • Primary Head Boy and Head Girl
  • 4 primary school House Captains

As voting for the latter three groups takes place each semester, new representatives continually bring a fresh perspective to the council throughout the year. Fostering leadership in our students is a crucial objective at Geraldton Grammar. The Student Representative Council helps achieve this objective, encouraging active and reflective listening, creative thinking and conflict resolution. It teaches students the benefits of working within a team to achieve results, whilst nurturing students’ leadership ability.

In the past, the Student Representative Council has had input into issues such as the school’s mobile phone policy, school uniform and canteen hours of operation.


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