As the school year draws to an end, but particularly because our children’s school life has now finished, we would like to thank you one and all. Our daughters were taught, nurtured, coached and encouraged from the classroom to Country Week courts to China.

Although not ‘lifers’, they certainly received full school life in their secondary years at GGS.

The school's professionalism and community feel were experienced from the outset, travelling up the beautiful drive and meeting office staff. Our girls arrived from another primary school, knowing few people, especially our eldest who I recall tearing up on the DDD day as she knew no one. She was quickly made feel welcome and settled in well.

Highlights of our years have certainly included small class sizes and the intimate knowledge teachers have of students. This I recall distinctly at the meeting for Year 11 subject selection when students completed a round-robin with all teachers. I was impressed by how well teachers knew the kids and could recommend subjects accordingly.

The opportunities presented through Round Square where our daughter was lucky to travel to Ballarat, China and then the UK on exchanges was gold and helped
our quiet, reserved girl grow in confidence.

The benefits of Outward Bound, having experienced it firsthand as a parent, are many. We’ve travelled extensively as a family, some of it adventurously, but OB offers a new level of personal and leadership development which we saw in our girls.

Your end-of-year presentation and Year 12 graduation days are amongst my favourite events and the school does it particularly well with solid traditions and recognition of achievements. We will always be grateful for the recognition of our girls’ efforts in receiving the Grammar Medal, house captain and the Long Tan, amongst other awards.

The many balls, camps, sports carnivals, Country Weeks, city university tours, competitions and special days mean there’s a team of dedicated and passionate teachers willing to do so much more than the tough job that is teaching today.

Fiona and Damon Angelatos

December 2022

Our son’s year went through Covid while at uni and I can tell you first-hand that didn’t make it easy. His focus was inspirational, he didn’t have a gap year and went straight from Geraldton Grammar School to university and ploughed through it.
I do honestly think Grammar taught him how to have goals and stick to them. I personally want to thank you all too.
Amazing school years and memories x

Monique Wasley

February 2024