Policies & Documents

Geraldton Grammar School adheres to strict policies and procedures to ensure the safety of everyone on campus and to uphold the values of the school. A full list of these policies are outlined below:


Academic Honesty Policy503.33 KB2019-08-15
Anaphylaxis and Allergy Policy219.56 KB2019-08-15
Anti Bullying Policy964.76 KB2019-08-15
Assessment Policy Years 7 to 10167.72 KB2019-08-15
Assessment Policy Years 11 and 12236.34 KB2019-08-15
Attendance Policy252.66 KB2019-08-15
Canteen Management and Nutrition Policy81.55 KB2019-08-15
Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting Policy1.14 MB2020-02-03
Communications Policy343.14 KB2019-08-15
Complaints Policy Parents and Students560 KB2021-04-01
Drug Policy300.51 KB2019-08-15
First Aid Policy256.35 KB2019-08-15
Fundraising Policy232.82 KB2020-05-21
Homework Policy156.4 KB2019-11-20
International Students Policy592.4 KB2020-03-04
Mobile Phone Policy159.51 KB2019-11-20
Parent Code of Conduct199.83 KB2020-06-19
Positive Behaviour Managment Policy821.07 KB2020-02-03
Privacy Policy259.72 KB2020-04-08
Scholarship Policy476.5 KB2019-08-15
Secondary Student Leadership Policy327.71 KB2019-08-15
Social Media Use Policy200.17 KB2020-08-14
Staff Volunteers and The Board Code of Conduct Policy277.9 KB2020-03-13
Student Dress Code Policy183.1 KB2019-11-26
Student Health Care policy550.71 KB2019-08-15
Volunteer Policy505.5 KB2019-08-15
Wellbeing Policy389.37 KB2020-05-01
Whistle-blower Policy365.54 KB2019-08-15

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