Service Learning

The Australian Curriculum and the Alice Springs Declaration call schools to equip students to become ‘active and informed citizens’ who commit to ‘national values of democracy, equity and justice’, ‘participate in Australia’s civic life’, ‘work for the common good’, ‘behave with ethical integrity’, and ‘act with responsibility at a local, regional and global level’.

Service activities are uniquely positioned to appeal to intrinsic motivators. Students are driven by a desire to belong, to be meaningfully stimulated, to develop self-efficacy and to experience integrity. The potential for service activities to facilitate growth in these areas, and to combat the dangers of disengagement, is enormous.

Service Learning contributes to the School’s ability to provide a range of quality programs and whole-school activities for the benefit of others in need. Fundraising also develops a sense of student unity, purpose and community spirit.

As an independent school in the Anglican tradition, Geraldton Grammar School is proud to assist within our capacity.

The school and individuals within the school are regularly approached by organisations for participation in fundraising activities or donations.

Fundraising is two-fold at Geraldton Grammar School.

1. For the sole purpose of helping others in need at the local, national and international level. The school will raise money for others and consider all requests that are brought to the Fundraising Committee. As a Round Square school, we are committed to raising funds for the benefit of others.

2. The Parents and Friends group will raise funds for the purpose of helping the school in some capacity where there are budget constraints and a need in the school.

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