Strategic Plan

It gives me great pleasure to share with you our new strategic plan for 2023 onwards that will support and further enhance the vision and mission of our school.

The plan has four focus areas:

1. Our Students- Personalisation

Ensure our academic, co-curricular and wellbeing programs support and enable each member of a diverse student body to achieve their personal best

2. Our Staff

Attract, retain and develop talented staff who are aligned with the school’s values and work hard to achieve the purpose and vision for Geraldton Grammar School

3. Our School Our Future

Plan for and maintain sustainable funding that allows us to invest in infrastructure and programs to achieve our goals

4. Our Community

Positively engage with our local community, educational partners, parents and alumni to encourage and foster mutual respect and valuable opportunities for cooperation.

As schools we change the way we deliver educational outcomes to meet the requirements of a fast paced changing world, it is important to equip students with the skills that will be necessary to meet the demands of their world.

Therefore, the plan focuses on new initiatives that will prepare our students such as future-ready skills, child safe curriculum, new pastoral programs, project-based learning, integrated units of work and students being partners in their own learning.

Our committed and high quality staff are passionate about improving outcomes for our students and therefore are life-long learners who also look for ways to improve their teaching strategies.

Our school is always looking for ways to make the school sustainable for future generations through infrastructure, resource use, good governance and finance.

Being part of a community involves partnerships with the church, alumni, parents and local organisations. This plan incorporates more opportunities for our partners to enhance the life of the school through their involvement.

I am confident that this plan positions us well to provide an outstanding education where we will be leaders not only in the Midwest but also in Western Australia.

Neesha Flint


Strategic Planning Documents

Please feel free to peruse or download our Strategic Planning documents below:

2024 and Beyond Strategic Plan