Sister School


Shree Janakalyan is a small primary school in a rural area near Pokhara, close to the Annapurna region in Nepal.

Geraldton Grammar School has developed a relationship with Shree Janakalyan School, beginning in 2010, with a commitment to raising money to improve its facilities and resources for students and staff.

The fundraising has been driven by a student committee, which has held themed free-dress days, raffles and other activities involving our students and staff from Kindergarten to year 12.
Fundraising efforts have provided for such things as a new roof for classrooms, the painting of a building, and a fence around the grounds for safety and security. A pump and tanks have been installed to provide access to water at the school for drinking and hygiene. Some of the funds raised have been taken directly to Nepal to enable the purchase of much-needed school resources, including books, paper and teaching aids.

The ongoing support of Shree Janakalyan School is helping to make a positive difference in the education of its students.

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Sign at front of school
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School pic